The Shane Warne Foundation

Our mission is to enrich the lives of seriously ill and under privileged children and teenagers in Australia.  We are an umbrella organisation, meaning we raise money through the events we run, donations we receive, and corporate sponsorship, and distribute those funds to a diverse cross section of charities and individuals who work hands on in these areas.  We do this as it relieves the constant burden of fund raising faced by these great organizations and people, so they can effectively handle the day to day needs of the brave children they support.

Everything from horse riding lessons for the disabled, swimming therapy, respite care for terminally ill children and funding much needed medical equipment, all come under the banner of The Shane Warne Foundation.  The mandate from Chairman Shane Warne and our Board of Directors is to help as many charities and families as possible, in as many different areas as are needed.  Unlike most charities, The Shane Warne Foundation is not restricted to helping a specific cause, conversely, we aim to help as many different causes as we possibly can.

The funds we manage

We manage two separate funds that distribute money to the beneficiaries we support. The first is our Public Ancillary Fund (PAF), which funds registered children’s charities who apply to us for funding for specific programs, equipment and resources they need to carry out the hands on work that they do.  For many of these charities, the funding we provide enables them to purchase equipment and additional resources to continue their work, or launch new initiatives that positively impact the lives of the children they assist.

The second fund we manage is our Necessitous Circumstances Fund (NCF).  The NCF was set up to help individual families in need, who may fall through the cracks of the funding provided by the existing registered children’s charities.  Every year, many families apply directly to us for specialist treatment, custom made equipment, car and house modifications and various other necessities that they may not get anywhere else.  For some of these families, we are their last resort for funding.  We are very proud of our Necessitous Circumstances Fund and all the families we have been able to support so far.